It might seem like I have a lot on hobbies on my plate. Especially being married with three kids -- pretty cool brood I must say. But ultimately what happens is I do each of these things in tiny chunks and being a bit of a nightowl helps.

For a few years now, I've also tried my hands at writing. Mostly screenplays. I like the economical style and I've always really enjoyed movies. Actually, I was pretty young when I wrote my first "screenplay." It was a six page short that essentially ripped off concepts from Star Wars and was meant to star myself and the only actor whose name I could remember at the time, Dom DeLuise.

I've even worked on a couple of shorts in various capacities. But here are some blurbs about past and recent projects. It's not exhaustive.

Screenplay - Drama, 120 pages.

The fictionalized story of how a lonely, emotionally distant former Army paratrooper becomes one of the most famous hijackers in aviation history, D.B. Cooper.

The Husker
Screenplay - Horror, 94 pages.

Sheriff Oscar Booth must lead a search party into the very forest where his brother and others have disappeared over the decades at the hands of a fabled evil.

Screenplay - Drama/Mystery, in progress.

Two disgraced former policemen are hired to find the missing son of a political leader before their small island devolves into violent revolution.